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Thread: FUNNY White Elephant (or "Dirty Santa") Gift Ideas!

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    Spinmom Guest

    Unique Novelty Christmas Gift

    I have a great idea for a white elephant gift that makes for a great conversation piece!! A BreezySeat. It is a deodorizing toilet seat. A practical and unique gift!!

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    I gave up on them. For the first dozen or so years of our marriage, every time I gave my husband a gag gift he ended up loving the darn thing. I had to deal with him using/wearing the thing until he wore it out (which sometimes took years!).

    One of my new (very old) favorites:
    The Night After Christmas

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    I haven't had two many gag gifts gotten for hubby or me. But never really had to. I just buy what I think he will like. I want to get him a watch yet but it may be after christmas before I get out to get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinmom View Post
    I have a great idea for a white elephant gift that makes for a great conversation piece!! A BreezySeat. It is a deodorizing toilet seat. A practical and unique gift!!
    That's a great idea! lol Should get one for hubby.

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    hunter7733 Guest

    The best gift I've seen given...

    It was a baby doll with multiple adult accessories included in the box (that he added). He put a bootle of Jack Daniels in the shirt pocket, a pack of cigarettes in the pant pocket, a (cigarette) joint in the ear and an adult video on the side. This is still talked about at every Christmas party by everyone. It happened 5 years ago .The couple that ended up taking it the 3rd time had a little girl so they got the best of everything.
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    arosef Guest

    Isn't the title of this forum for White Elephant ideas?

    Obviously there are many people on this forum who have no idea that the idea of a White Elephant Party IS for "gag" gifts,or more importantly,"re-gifts"(google it) or things in your house you don't need.They're not SUPPOSED to be gifts that you want.I've done party's where we do a "re-gift" and put a $$ limit on another and wrap it together.The point of the party is that its supposed to be a fun/funny time for everyone,which it usually is.If what you're expecting is a "nice" gift,then go to a page where it suggests "gift exchange ideas" or something like that.

    As for a couple ideas I thought were funny that this forum was intend for:
    *My dad one inherited from an auction a (new)toilet seat cover,that he didn't need.But people still buy them just for parties this.
    *Buy a box of chocolates and eat most of them,leave like 2 or 3.Then insert a picture of yourself eating them.
    *A picture frame of yourself and a photo of yourself on a mug/t-shirt.
    *re-gift lotion/bath sets from walmart you still have in the attic

    But as a previous writer in this forum said,there are many ideas out there on the web.Good luck and have fun with it!Oh-And Merry Christmas!

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    We didn't do funny White Elephant

    The last time I did White Elephant we just set a limit and brought in a gift. There wasn't really many gag gifts in the mix. I know there may have been cheaper gifts that people just got sad when some one else stole their awesome present and gave them the cheap one.

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    what about a pair of very large red panties
    new of cause
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    Yeah I like your idea its funny

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    Here are some gift ideas that are both funny and serious but none are too outrageous or something people wouldn't want to receive.

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