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Thread: Which Materials did you used for decoration?

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    Which Materials did you used for decoration?

    I have planned to decorate my party? What are the important materials should I use to decorate a party?

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    I love having holiday parties. When it comes to huge gatherings we always use paper products. We always have a theme when we decorate. Winter cookies, snowmen, Santa's elves etc. If there is going to be children running around you might want to think twice about bringing out the expensive/meaningful items out. We always have to go boxes ready for all the left over food. It's always important to have more food and treats then not enough. When planning the menu always think about the children also as they eat differently then adults do. Make sure you don'y have anything to crazy out the people will trip over especially if there is drinking going on for the adults. AHHHH.... There is so much to a party verses a gathering. Either way, don't ever stress and always have fun because your guest will feed off of your vibes.
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