Hello, It's Lori York again. This was going to be my first posted thread here, and I wrote it but then learned I had to reply 5-10 times before I could give image and links about what's on my own mind, and now I would like to tell you all, what I first planned to say a month or so back.

I am a black lady in the USA, and I know this forum is world-round, but for the benefit of any African Americans here, I wanted to share with you this wonderful decoration for the window. I think it's better than a Christmas Tree, it certainly gets the kids to stop along the sidewalk and look. Are any of you familiar with VIRTUAL SANTA?, which came onto the world in 2003. It's a traditional white santa delivering presents - as seen inside a window. You set a TV, or video projector by the window, and Santa now appears inside your home. I see it around a lot, this video was on ABC Great Christmas Light Fight show at least 15 times...Well, it's truly amazing, it looks like Santa is there in your house. Here in the USA is a shortage of Black Folks products in general for decoration, and wrapping paper, on which the imagery gives us characters we can identify with.

Any of you out there, African American? If so, you know what I mean. Commercial christmas had its start from Europe and thus, Santa has been white. I loved Virtual Santa…brings Joy to the kids…but I wanted a Black Man playing Santa. I love all people, black and white. But we african americans do want to see ourselves more on Film, TV and in Decorations for the holidays.

In 2016, Black Santa Larry Jefferson became the Mall of America's first black santa claus, which created quite a buzz. And indeed, made me proud and happy for the progress the USA is making. And surprisingly the Mall of America is near the hometown of Virtual Santa Producer, John Hyers [outrageous-media], Hyers connected with Santa Larry, and in 2017 they produced a Black Santa video for window decoration. I read a brief mention of that in one of many Newspaper and TV interviews Jefferson did, and that led me to finding the video. I have enclosed the demo youtube here. There are very few places to get ahold of this video, as...though I hate to say it, retailers are slow to pick up AFAM products. I did extensive searching which let me stumble on these sources: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HolidayVideo, and https://santalarrydallastexas.com/shop/


When I first found the video, it was on a website called holidayprojection.com, and they did not have the demo video, and so I kept searching until I could see what was really being sold. The Santa [Larry Jefferson] is really a good actor, and he does what I call "Black Style". Any of you remember the Black Character KINGSLEY SHACKLEBOLT from Harry Potter 5 Movie??? He was UK English, but he said a line…"Well Minister you may not like it, but you gotta admit, DUMBELDORE'S GOT STYYLLLLLE [style], and he said it with a smooth polished American Black man voice, and Santa larry is similar I think, and he's funny, and camera interactive... Anyway…..

For my fellow African Americans, this decoration is my favorite, it's my kids favorites, and WOW it's just wonderful you gotta try it out in your windows…. LORIL11.jpg