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Thread: LED Christmas lights

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    LED Christmas lights

    I use warm white LED lights. They're very similar to incandescent white lights. I use some of these outside and I put these on my Christmas tree inside. I use multicolored LED lights outside too!

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    i use led on the porch tree, for the house tree I'm still using the old fashioned type.

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    I prefer the incandescent lights, though my neighbor uses the LED outside and after several years they're growing on me. They're colorful, but cooler toned. I'm glad that they're making progress making LEDs more warm, because I'd really like to use the C-7's again, with their true colors, but the incandescent ones get so hot!
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    Outside I have been switching to LEDs as mine burn out. Inside, though it may cost more, I prefer traditional c7 or mini lights. To me they are more subtle...
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