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Thread: Just took my first pass through....

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    Just took my first pass through....

    Just took my first go round through my christmas mix on my iPhone this year. It was great hearing songs I love so much that I haven't heard in a few months. When do you all usually start getting back into the Christmas tunes? Do you ever stop listening to them?

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    The older I get, the more I listen to Christmas music year-round. I think I went about a month or so after Christmas before I listened to any this year. Since then, I've listened to Christmas music about once every 10 days or so. Listened to some on the way into work this morning, in fact!
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    I really only listen to Christmas music in November and December. I love listening to it, but it is the one thing I actually save for the season!
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    I went from 12/26 until yesterday and finally cracked lol.

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    I've been listening to Christmas music ALMOST every day recently. I discovered that listening to it in the morning, on the way to work just sets a nice tone for the day. I get to work feeling all calm, relaxed, and happy!

    My newest thing is Spotify. I built a custom Christmas list that I can access from my phone via the blue tooth in my truck. I have songs from all the animated specials on my playlist, and it's SO much fun to listen to them!!
    I love Outdoor Christmas Lights!!

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