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Thread: Christmas Food

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    :gingerbread: Christmas Food

    Do you have any meals or foods that you eat every year?

    In the UK, it's traditional to eat a turkey on Christmas Day with a roast dinner. I personally don't have turkey, because I'm a vegetarian, but I always tuck into a lovely roast dinner at 1:00 PM on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. On Christmas Day, we usually follow this up with Christmas pudding, and then a fruit Christmas cake in the evening.

    On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, my family and I generally have Chinese takeaways, as we like to put our feet up and relax on these days.

    Around Christmas time in general, we usually have extra food around, particularly biscuits, chocolates and selection boxes. Celebrations, Roses, Quality Street, Heroes, Terry's Chocolate Orange, Pringles, shortbread and cheesy biscuits are particular foods that often make appearances in our house at Christmas. More traditional foods such as mince pies and Yule logs are often present as well.

    What foods do you like to tuck into at Christmas, and what does your main meal on Christmas Day consist of?

    I'm hungry after typing that, think I might go and tuck into a mince pie!

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    Always make fruitcake and sugar cookies. On Christmas we always have a buffet with shrimp cocktail, swedish meatballs, stuffed shells (pasta), bacon wrapped scallops, clams casino, etc. Christmas Day we have roast beef
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    The whole week is usually full of naughty food and drink.

    Generally though, Christmas eve is spent getting ready, watching Christmas films, listening to Christmas music. Then early evening, we may pop to the pub for a quick drink which is usually Mulled wine.

    Then in the evening, family and friends come round for a buffet of ham, sausage rolls, pate, crackers, crisps, cheeses etc. lots of beer and wine.

    Christmas day, we start of with bucks fizz around 9am. Carry on drinking that along with tea/coffee/beer/wine (whatever you like!) until Christmas dinner. Which is around 3pm for us. Prawn cocktail to start. Turkey, ham, beef, roast spuds, parsnip, mash, sprouts, cauliflower, bread sauce, gravy.

    For pudding, Christmas pud.

    Evening consists of everything. Chocolates, cold meat, crackers and cheese, pate, crisps, mince pies, cookies. You name it. Oh, and thats when we do the cocktails!

    Boxing day is all the left overs! With bubble and squeak. Yummy. Looking forward to it big time. No wonder I put on so much weight over Christmas!

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    ham and turkey here! Lots of Holiday cheer... i made a ryhme

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