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Thread: The Great Christmas Tree Debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaMike View Post
    I am not committed either way. We always use artificial, but I have no problem with real trees either. I suppose it's a "convenience" thing for me more than anything. Now that I found my Scentsicles, I LOVE my fake tree!!
    We have Scentsicles, too.

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    artificial tree for me

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    I go for live because it gives live feeling about Christmas.

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    personally i never had a real tree but my mil use to have them,

    i would love to have 1 next year.

    but i have heard their hard to keep for a month with out wiltering & the needles falling when i was younger they sold them & the forestery division but now i dont know why their not as popular as they use to be ,
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    I much prefer real and growing up we always had a real tree, never an artificial. I have been living on my own for 5 years and my boyfriend has allergies so the real always cause problems. We have an artificial tree. The only con i see is that it is a cost saver but I would much rather have the pine smell going through the home
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    I have to say I love both. Some artificial trees can be very convincing! I'm a big fan of the white and tabletop trees. The white trees look almost magical. So delicate, like glass. :-)

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