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We always have Muddle (Brunswick Stew is it's proper name) for dinner around 5 and then go to church. And after church we read from that year's Advent Booklet. And after that is when we did the whole cookies & milk for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolph before going to bed. During the day we attempt to catch an airing of A Christmas Story. If we don't, we watch it before bed.

I can never remember what time the service is because we've always been there extremely early for final set up. We're the ones who turn on the heat, lights, make sure the bulletins and candles and something to light the candles are there, etc. Dad would run through his sermon one last time. I think one year, my brother and I even took people's' coats and hung them up.

But what makes it feel the most like Christmas Eve is smelling the Muddle cooking.

I wonder if you are "the first Noelle" to join the board???