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Thread: Ideas for Christmas gifts

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    Re: Ideas for Christmas gifts

    if you feel like to improve your children knowledgae then scramble is the best choice.if you go by childrens way then play stations and xbox are the open options.

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    My kids love monopoly. It is their favorite by far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SantaClaus View Post
    My kids love monopoly. It is their favorite by far!
    Just thought I'd share these Christmas Monopoly games that I found:

    I don't know if they're still availabe anywhere, but I did a simple Google search for Christmas Monopoly and found these pics.
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    That's cool they have a Rudolph Monopoly game!

    icon from pattywack1992 @ LJ

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    I know with my smaller grandchildren, "Webkinz" are what they want. They like to get new Webkinz and then they register them online (they come with a code) and they can do all sorts of things on the website with their Webkinz.
    They also can earn Webkinz money and buy things for their Webkinz pets, so it's fun and educational.

    By the way, the Webkinz are cute, they have dogs, cats, fish, monkeys and all sorts of animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trish_j View Post
    Cranium is the big ticket board game this year. It is really fun and has just won the toy of the year award. Bought one for my daughter.
    I second this. Great game. It's Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Charades, Play-dough in one.

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    there are games like Don't Break the Ice, DOn't Spill the Beans and ANts in the Pants to to consider.

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    Smile Look at these excellent wwe gifts i found

    Go on ebay and search for

    wwe thumb wrestlers all 6

    amazing stocking fillers for yourself and kids

    just bought some for my son

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    Post Re: Ideas for Christmas gifts


    I think Chess and monopoly games are best for children as they can enjoy the game and as well as they can improve their thinking ability and keep the children active. Any way for any help regarding seo service i.e. website promotion please feel free to contact me.
    SriKumar Raju
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    Those game board ideas are great! I'm going for inexpensive stuff that is personalized. It will be a great gift for the person and make them feel like you really thought of them (and you should), but help save the bank during these hard times.

    Even something like an initials embroidered towel, bathrobe, etc.. would work.

    Someone somewhere loves ya!

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