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Thread: Resolution Check

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    Resolution Check

    So, how have your 2008 resolutions been going? Did everyone already quit their dieting yet? :-) - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    Nov 2007
    Christmas Town
    I don't really make resolutions because I usually wind up breaking them.
    ~ McDLT ~

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    Jul 2008
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    I agree with McDLT. I've never been able to keep a resolution, so it's pointless to make the attempt.

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    I used to make them many years ago and I agree - too hard to keep them. I suppose if I started with something easy and go from eat more veggies or drinki more water instead of soda... - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    Nov 2008
    Resolutions n promises are made to be broken.. i too don't believe in making resolution...

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    berrystars Guest
    I never quite follow all mine... :/

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    no matter what the resolution is ,i take resolution on every first day of the month,week and year, but no wonder only the date has been changing in my calendar but nothing new in myself.

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    Jan 2008
    I reached one of my goals from 2008 and that was to lose 25 pounds I lost 27 pounds and over the holidays only gained 1 pound back! God is with me on this. I was not really trying that much last year But I am this year! I am going on slimfast! It should be easy enough for me to do and cheaper than weight watchers and nutrasystem.
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

    (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Everybody Needs a Hug
    It changes your metabolism ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))!!!

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    Feb 2009
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    I'm able to do some of my resolutions no problem and the harder ones I find that after falling short for about 3 years I can then finally accomplish those particular goals. (Sometimes ) I used to have amazing will power and when that started to disappear on me it was so upsetting to fail at what I set out to do. Now, I just keep getting back on the horse. It's tiring sometimes to always be struggling with something, but I figure I'm just becoming an amazing warrior!

    The one I'm doing pretty good with this year (finally!) is being early for things.
    The holly's up, the house is all bright, The tree is ready, the candles alight; Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight.

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    my resolution was to shed a few pounds and i have succeeded in losing

    28 of the little beggars...

    only another 14 to go !!!!!!

    as of this week 5 more to go......
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