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Thread: Gift idea for my girl friend.

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    Question Gift idea for my girl friend.

    HI there, I just wanna be a bit creative in Xmas present. What gift shall I prepare for my girl friend who is a college girl? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babeinthewood View Post
    HI there, I just wanna be a bit creative in Xmas present. What gift shall I prepare for my girl friend who is a college girl? Thanks.
    It matters what kind of girl she is. I mean like city, country or in between. If she's country get her a carhartt jacket. If city get her a dress. Either way you could get her a necklace or ring or bracelet or all three at that.

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    Maybe you could get your Girlfriend some College Brand gear? Does she go to a well known college? My girlfriend went to Syracuse University and loved anything with that big orange S on it. She still owns a good deal of it.
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    Jewelry is always romantic and she will enjoy wearing it - just make sure it's in her style.

    Also, does she live in a dorm or in an apartment/house? I loved getting things to help me cook when I was in college - whether it be the smaller things for a dorm-room or nicer things when I was in a house. Lots of cute and fun ideas at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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    Yes it depends on what she likes. But if she's in college, there are many novelty school supplies that really put a zest to reviewing for midterms. Try shopping online. :-)

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    buy a wooden box and fill it with lots of tiny, supprising gifts.
    For example...
    sweets, a bracelet, a novelty eraser, chocolate, fairy lights, earrings, gloves, xmas decorations, a mini christmas pudding, a tiny toy...

    the list is never ending

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    huma Guest


    hey.....u knw go for sumthin really kool...i wolud like to suggest you to try wittygift wellness box or indulgence box for your has spa treatments,art,dance activities she can choose what she can visit their

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    Hi friend,
    Here are some of the favourite gifts which you may choose for your girl friend who is a college girl.

    -Fancy or trendy Hand bags
    - Complete, branded make-up kits
    - Novels or story books of her favourite author
    - Designer pens, if she loves to write
    - Special gift baskets stuffed with chocolates
    - Photo frames
    - Jewelry box or fashion accessories
    - Small pendants or bracelets
    - Music boxes, if she is fond of music

    Ren Hyde

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