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Thread: Mall shopping or on-line shopping. Where do you buy your gifts / decoration ?

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    mall and on-line shopping

    i prefer both. mall shopping is fun specially when you do it with your family or friends plus you get to hear wonderful Christmas songs. on-line shopping is also great because of the convenience that it brings. no traffic, no parking problems my fave in on-line Christmas ornaments is

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    Mall for me, everytime... plus i don't have a credit card XD

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    For me it has to be a shopping centre (a.k.a Mall). Shopping online just doesn't feel even remotely christmassy. The closest centre is over 60 miles away but it's definetely worth it for all the great presents you can get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristmasKatie View Post
    Mall for me, everytime... plus i don't have a credit card XD
    I don't either. I use the pre-paid sort. It's a virtual kind of card that is very safe to use. It's as good as cash.

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    I don't use credit cards anymore myself. Debit cards are just fine and you can't get into trouble!

    We are so lucky to be only 15 minutes from one of the largest malls in the U.S. It used to be second only to The Mall of America!
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    I like to do both. Christmas shopping is especially fun when with family or friends. And with all the various options you can choose from. And not to mention Santa! hehe

    But, when it gets closer to Christmas day itself, and when stores are filled with lots and lots of people, i prefer to go online. I hate it when you have to stand for a long time waiting for your items to be checked out.
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    tyrone1980 Guest

    found a cool site for toys

    hi i was looking online and found this site besttoddlerstoys its really cool because i have found most of my children's christmas presents right at this website so i haven't needed to look any where else visit it cool site thumbs up i think

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    I also love to go shopping on malls.. But when i don't feel like going out, i'll settle for online shopping..
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    i just love the hustle and bustle of shopping centers at Xmas. maybe when i have kids to buy for i'll appreciate less hustle!

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    It is a German website. I just love their decorations
    Its the season to be jolly

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