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Thread: Gifts great for everyone!

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    :gift: Gifts great for everyone!

    I sent my kids personalized text messages from Santa by going onto the sight called! they loved it and whats great is anyone can do it. Its a greeat gift for anyone.

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    Thats just great . Nice idea

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    Right agree with you. Would love to use that link next Xmas

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    shulee Guest
    I love it. Thanks.

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    nice! that's quite unusual and something no one will expect to get for christmas!
    Great idea. I was just thinking Chocolates as general gifts... but that's just too common i guess.
    Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas and other occasions

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    Wink Finding gifts are not always a hassle.

    Back in December 2008, I bought a snowcone maker as a gift for the family. From where I live, snowcone stands were easy to find back in the mid-to-late 1990s, but when they started to dissipate in the 2000s, that's when the idea for the best Christmas gift came to my mind.

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    Watson30 Guest
    Oh! This is really nice Idea. truly I love this.............

    Thanks MOM
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    whoah! i so like the idea! thank you!
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