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Thread: How do you keep from losing decorations & gifts between seasons?

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    we keep all ours in a brick shed, all labelled so you know whats where!

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    Quote Originally Posted by olga View Post
    I also take photos, so that next year I can remeber all my decoration, in every corner in the house..
    The photos are an excellent idea! I started doing that also so I could set things out the same way again if I want to. I'm getting older and sometimes forget things.

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    I have thought it would be nice if our beds raised up on lifts like the beds in the RV do. All my beds have like 8 little legs under the frame. So that ended the under bed storage I had. It would be a good idea for a guest room bed. If you didn't want a plat form bed you could just make a wood box frame that fits inside your furniture bedframe with a platform top that the mattress would lay on then it could be lifted and storage underneath. The outside would look like a reg bed. I would put a narrow border of mirror on the box next to the floor so that it wood just reflect the floor back.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow World View Post
    The photos are an excellent idea! I started doing that also so I could set things out the same way again if I want to. I'm getting older and sometimes forget things.

    Yeap!! I think its great to remember exactly your decoration, in every corner of the house!!!

    Come on!! This has nothing to do with age, me or you just can not remember all our decoration, thats why we choose to take photos..
    I think everybody should do something like that, if he really wants not to forget a thing...
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    We simply keep all our christmas tree decorations together in the same place in the basement in labeled boxes. It get's tough to find if you don't keep them all together in one place.
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    We have a bench at the foot of our bed. I store all the gifts I buy over the year in the bench.

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    i have a massive cupboard under the stairs that i store all my gifts and decorations in. i also store my decorations in labeled boxes

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    I store everything in our omputer room inavon boxes until christmas. I don't get birthday gifts for anyone but mom and dad so I spend at christmas.
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