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Thread: Trimming the tree

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    :tree: Trimming the tree

    Talk about your Christmas tree trimmings here!

    How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Do you use clear or colored lights? Any "themed" trees? Store-bought ornaments or homemade, or both? How do you plan on decorating your tree this year?

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    I hate themed trees! The more colour the better! Themed ones just look to boring and neat for me. My tree has the works! Everything you could imagine from craft items made by my mum to beads to ornaments I made in P1. I can't wait to put the old tree back up on Saturday!
    Sunday 02 December 2007 15:00 , Barclays Premier League

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    Golly I loved themed trees and have a tree in each room of my home. Would have more if hubby would let me.

    My main tree is the large tree in the living area. It is decoarted in colored lights and all exchange ornaments I have recieved in exchanges with my online friends. I have had to buy larger trees twice now as I have so many ornaments.

    We have ajheated year around porch room which has a 6 foot Snowmant themed tree done with snowment, snowflakes, and icicles, white, silver, and blue ball ornaments. LIghts on this are all blue and white. I have snowflake garland and dusty blue and white snowflake ribbon topper.

    I have a 4 foot tree in my kitchen , This is my Gingerbread cookie tree. It is decoated with colored lights some years, white some years. Just depends on my mood at the time. Itr had candy garland with gingerbread cokie ornaments of all kinds. I also add whole sticks of cinnamon tied with rafia bows. I have made many cinamon ornaments which smell wonderfully spicy each year. This tree is topped with a huge white bow with gingerbreadmen in it.

    I have just a small tree in my bathroom which is done in white lights and higlights one of my several nativites.

    Bedroom trees are made of whatever seems to strike my mood in certain years. I do have one that has several memory ornaments on it. Ornaments of my childhood, some my daughters made and now have added ornaments the Grandkids have made. Each one holds a wonderful memory for me. One of my favorites I made out of a silver spoon given to my Great grasndparents as a wedding gift in 1902. and jewely from my late Grandmothers collection.It is something can keep the spirit of my Grandparents, and Great Grandparents with me at Christmas each year.

    My sewing room has a tree decorated with what else but sewing items. .

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    I'm a little bit of everything. The main tree is a bit of a mix...but white lights. It has a mix of wooden german ornaments, family stuff, not too many "regular" store-bought, and some artist ornamets (mainly handmade).

    But I have a theme developing which stemmed from work. I'm a biologist and unfortunately worked a devastating avian botulism kill that lasted for months during a high-heat and drought period. It made the papers and the news. After that, stuffed ducks, framed duck pics, and duck ornaments showed up on a regular basis...mostly anonymous...through the mail, left on my desk, and some in-person. I got so many stuffed animals, rubber duckies, and things I had to get rid of a lot of it. I donated the stuffed animals tpo various kids charities and Christmas drives. The rest has gone to goodwill, salvation army, etc.

    I did keep the ornaments...a mix of mass-marketed and artists ornaments. This all happened roughly 8-9 years ago and they still trickle in...some still anonymous (though I believe they come from friends). And well, I like ducks so I've purchased some myself.

    I've been working on a sort of 40s-60s kitschy tree as well.

    I keep honing a cookie cutter (and a few vintage kitchen utensils) tree for the kitchen/dining room.

    I have a few other more-or-less theme trees. ...and even <GASP> a Star Trek themed tree next to my computer! I do however lean heavily towards traditional (even though it might not seem like it!). dedicated to growing, education, and use of Diospyros virginiana L., the common, or American persimmon...and persimmon pudding is ALWAYS a holiday favorite!!!

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    Yeah we've done the all red tree, all white tree, snowman tree, etc..we prefer the anything you can get on the tree...tree. :-) - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    We decorate in October. We do a Thanksgiving tree with all glass fruits, veggies, and turkeys. We do a glass Halloween decoration tree. We have a glass Santa swag, a Disney ornament tree, and an all Hallmark ornament tree. We bought a new 7 footer with a rotating base this past after Christmas sale.

    All trees except the Disney tree have white lights, the Dis tree has colored lights.

    Hallowthanksmas Nick

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    Nice! We decorate for 'fall' in September - leaves, etc then for Halloween then for Thanksgiving then Christmas! - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    We do the outside in the traditional holiday decorations for each individual holiday, as we don't want to be marked as anarchists or something in our neighborhood.


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    I do liked themed trees but my tree is alittle bit of everything. White lights with a variety of decorations. I loved homemade ornaments especially ones that my children make.

    I usually buy new ornaments from Target, Macy's once the season is over to get them on sale.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    Yep we seem to buy new ornaments every year too - too may for our tree so we lay them out and narrow down what we'll do each year - plus we always lose some ornaments to attrition (breakage) - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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