I will and have been thinking of my Grandmother. Oh could that lady put on a Christmas. She has been gone now for 8 years and it is still very difficult for me at Christmas time. She use to do a lot of crafts. She made stockings and christmas tree skirts out of felt and sewed all kinds of sequins and beads on them. I had my Christmas tree skirt appraised about 12 years ago and they said to insure for $250.00. I am sure it is probably worth more than that now. Also our stockings are all stockings she made as each one of us kids were born. My stocking is 47 years old. When we each got married our spouse got one and then the grand kids. She even made up some nameless ones for after she died for any new babies to come into the family. She wrapped gifts like a fancy department store. She cooked all kinds of goodies and her Christmas dinner table would put Martha Stewart to shame. Most important of all she made sure us kids knew how much she loved us. She would do anything in the world for us I sure do miss her but I feel her memories in everything I do at Christmas.