I'm kind of surprised nobody has asked this yet, but how different were your Covid Christmas ( or thanksgiving or New Year) dinners? Did you just scale it down and do a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey?
I personally had to work both Christmas eve and Christmas day this last Christmas, but a friend invited himself for Christmas dinner. I told him I was working, and he said " we can do it the 26. I really didn't want to, but agreed. I totally switched it up and made it dead easy. I bought a prefab Beef Wellington and made a wine sauce with roasted some fingerling potatoes to go along with it. Brussels sprouts in the crockpot, a bagged salad and 2 slices of cake purchased at a very good local bakery. It turned out fantastic! I think it was because I really didn't care and wasn't stressing with a house full of people. We still talk about that dinner. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to a big dinner with all the trimmings, but it was nice to switch it up and relax.