Hi all
New to forum.
I have a song in my head from childhood, somewhere in the 70's.Asked my whole family and only mom has a tiny recollection of it.
Thankfully i can't sing it to you, as i have done to so many people at this point, LOL.
I think it was on a children's album. So here are "some" of the lyrics:

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, children often say to you, but i wonder if they ever stop and wonder why they do.

many, many years ago, way up north in the land of snow and her name was Merry Christmas(might be Mary),
She lived next store to Santa Claus when Santa was a boy and as he grew....to teach him to make toys,
And that's the reason children say Merry Christmas on this day, it's Santa Clauses...of thanking Merry Christmas(or Mary)

Lots of blanks but that is what i have.
Anyone have an idea?

Thanks Ed