New to the group, so first of all, hello! I'm struggling with 'tradition' or wanting something new, that matches! When we were married, we were given stockings, one red, one green with our names/wedding date. We then had two daughters, the person who'd made ours was still making them, so I ordered two that matched. However, I went with red since mine was red and my mind was thinking, keep the 'girls' in the family red, (husband's was green). I didn't want to do any other color (red and green are Christmas after all, in my mind at the time!). So from the start we were off balance (3 reds, 1 green). We added two sons in law, so between my husband and I, we made two that matched each other (though nothing like ours). Then we added a grandbaby, and made another which I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, and now another grandbaby! So, I'm at the crossroads of, do we just try to make another one to somewhat match the styles we made for the others (though the original 4 look nothing like them), or do I bite the bullet and buy everyone new? I asked the kids if they cared if we got new stockings (they had them since they were born), but they just joked and said as long as I get ones that will hold the same amount, lol, they didn't care. But I don't know... Have any of you changed stockings over the years?