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Thread: Blah decorations?

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    Blah decorations?

    I realize it's still early, but I have seen some Christmas decorations for sale in Costco and Pier one, and I have to say nothing has wowed me. Normally I'm really excited to check out the new Christmas stuff, but so far this year, there isn't one thing I want to buy. Am I being a Scrooge, or are you guys feeling a bit underwhelmed this year too?

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    I think it depends. For a family who is just starting to gather decorations, Costco has some great items. I purchased the little snowman sitting on a snowball.
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    I always use blow molds. I never use inflatables. Those decorations are very cheesy! I think blow molds are coming back into fashion, though!

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    i think tree ornaments have gotten pretty bad, rarely like any of the new offerings

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    I agree with JollyElfDC and Elf Erv. It’s been that way for years, imo.

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    I use inflatables and snow balls for Christmas decorations.

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    I use a wide variety, especially in the yard. But my first stop as the season approaches is always Hobby Lobby. They have a vast array and I have never yet been there and not come away getting something. It is also where I got my CIJ sand sculpture tree decoration...
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