Okay, so....

When I decided to shut down the forum in the spring it was a really hard choice. There were lots of technical errors and I simply couldn't fix, as well as way too many spam accounts, and new ones every day - I couldn't stay on top of it.

Then, I got on with working on the main site - and I've been creating some great content over there - we've even grown our Facebook Page to over 20,000 followers.

But, then November hit and I started to get sad. I started thinking about the last ten years, and how no matter what I could come on here and do the same traditions as every year....I started to miss Mike's Beautiful Decorations I started to wonder about Papa Christmas's Trains and I couldn't bear it.

So, as a Birthday Present to myself - I actually hired someone to come and fix the forum.
You'll see were' on new address: http://forum.allthingschristmas.com - but it's the same old forum.

I've also purged about 2000 accounts - all of which had 0 posts, and I suspect were Spam accounts.

We have rules in place about how/when you can post - but none should effect our loyal fans & members.

Welcome back, my Friends.

I hope you have a