Hy all,

I wonder if anyone knows any good tricks to solve this "issue". It's not an issue per se, because I like my tree no matter the shape, but I wouldn't mind it looking a bit wider (it needs to be physically thinner because of the space, but maybe there's an optical illusion kinda thing to make it seem less so).

Seems logical that I should make the most of the widest (lowest) part, therefore placing ornaments closer to the tips of branches at that part, but not do that on the other parts of the tree. When it comes to ornament size I don't know if that would have an impact visually, say, should I place larger ornaments on those widest parts (branch tips low left & right), or maybe go with smaller ones...that sort of thing is what I'm puzzled with. Also, should I go with lighter or darker colors out wide?

Basically if you have any prior experience with this I'd appreciate the help