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Thread: AM I TOO "grown up" for SANTA? Are U, too?

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    Talking AM I TOO "grown up" for SANTA? Are U, too?

    Do not worry. There is someone for you. She is Colinda Koleda, young, honest, sweet and very, very, perky CHRISTMAS,YULETIDE... the holiday season long character! She has a red, flying convertible for Christmas night. It is loaded with the PREZZIES and she has two companions ( owl and tree ) onboard. Some people say that she is so hot that her smile meld even the thickest ice. Donīt send mail to North Pole, send mail to MARY BYRD LAND. The Nordic businessperson J.J. Monto Esq, has created this Christmas personification for all of us who want something different but with real spirit.

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    At 64... no. I love the original Saint Nicholas story and the eventual adaptations that got him to where he is today. As I have often said to others, as you "age" and mature there are two things that can accompany you from your childhood years. 1: being "Childish" and 2: being "Child-like". I do my best (with God's help) to refrain from the first, but I hope I will always keep alive the spirit contained in the second.
    There is also a large stuffed Santa that never is put away...

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