A Different Kind of Shopping List for Christmas

One package of cooperation: This is a basic ingredient in every successful venture.

One bottle of enthusiasm: May be sprinkled liberally on everything you do, but it is astonishing what even a few drops can do.

One box of compromise pills: At first, these may seem like bitter pills to swallow, but they contain a magic catalyst that results in improved human relations.

One large economy carton of patience: Keep a good supply on hand—a most useful item, and, during the holiday season, it’s so easy to run short at the most inconvenient times.

A matching pair of bookends marked “Appreciation” and “Gratitude.” No matter how these are used or to whom they are given, they are always welcome.

One spool of tact and understanding: Good for mending hurt feelings and patching up injured egos. Much better than Elmer’s glue. Maybe you’d better get two spools while you’re at it.

One do it yourself humility-hat set: This fully equipped kit has everything you need. The little humility—hat comes in all sizes and shapes. Be sure to select one size smaller than you usually wear because that’s just what you need. Kit also includes one South African head shrinking device made in Japan—guaranteed to keep little minds from getting puffed up. This is one gift you may wish to wrap for yourself. You’ll be proud you did!

A gallon jug of common sense: May be combined with so many other things and in so many different ways. Can also be used as a substitute when other ingredients are not available. This is a must on your shopping list. Costs only a few cents. All stores have a large supply because most people don’t keep much on hand.

One warm and comfy blanket of love: Contains no synthetic fibers. The material is actually made from natural, long lasting fibers according to an ancient pattern first used in Bethlehem and Nazareth, and then perfected along the Jordan River and up the winding road to Calvary. Even the smallest size can be wrapped around all your friends and relatives, especially at Christmas time. Because of the way it is woven, it warms the heart even before the hands. It can be used in emergencies to wipe away tears, cares and sorrows. No couple can afford to be without one, particularly on birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. If worn constantly, it will last forever.