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Thread: Need help with hints to give my girlfriend

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    Need help with hints to give my girlfriend

    Hey guys,

    I need some help with coming up with some hints for the gifts that I got for my girlfriend so that I can tease her...

    I got her silver earrings from Tiffanys and a silver Tiffanys heart necklace with a little heart of diamonds on it.

    Any hints for the gifts or the packaging? Typical Tiffanys packaging... baby blue box with white ribbon.

    Please help so I can tease her along...


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    No one has any ideas for hints or teasers?

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    Put a shiny wrapped chocolate hanging from the ribbon of the gift to show her your effort.

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    Haha - you could get a REALLY BIG BOX like a refridgerator box and wrap it in there, ha

    Or you could wrap it in one of those popcorn tins and then she'll think she got popcorn!

    Or one of those really long poster tubes.

    Or a pringles container.

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    You could also wrap it in a puzzle box with the puzzle pieces in there, so when she shakes it she doesn't think its jewelry

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    you could say something like your heart shines like the sun because diamonds are shiny..or u could be like Tiffany thinks youll like it and if she asks whos tiffany then be like

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    Interesting. I am thinking of my list now...

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