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Thread: Who Decorates The Tree

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChantelleJoy View Post
    I honestly didn't even know you had a real tree, Mike! Wonderful!

    I've always decorated the tree myself - but Lydia had her own little tree in her room last year and Decorated it herself.
    She also decorated my bedroom tree with me last year. This year, it'll probably be the same!
    Hi Chantelle yes I forgot to show the real tree when you were over last time or I had not got it yet.

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    I decorate most of our tree but my son does a little...sometimes. But, we've spent at least the last few Christmases at my sister's. I decorate a lot of their tree, too.

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    My son and i decorate ours as we do our whole home ourselves.

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    I do most of the tree decorating myself. My daughters will put some of their own ornaments on the tree and my husband is in charge of lugging all the boxes out of storage and putting on the tree topper.
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    It's a group effort to decorate the main living room tree. We usually relive memories associated with the different ornaments. I do everything else.
    The holly's up, the house is all bright, The tree is ready, the candles alight; Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight.

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    Right after thanksgiving we get the tree and get it in the tree holder . I put on the lights cause grandkids are to little and my husband doesn't like doing that. Then the very first Saturday or Sunday the grandkids come and do the rest of the decorating for us.
    They love doing it and they always look forward to it.
    they normally do the middle and bottom section of the tree, my husband and I do the top part. My little grandson will get lifted up to put the star on top....they love it...

    When my children were little , I remember my mother in law would always decorate her Christmas tree herself never letting her children actually help. It had to be perfect.
    She would come to my house and look at our tree and say, "oh you have a kid tree".
    meaning she could tell the kids decorated it too. No it wasn't perfect like hers, and kind of made me feel bad that she is missing the point of Christmas but I look at her and say , "No its not a kid tree , its a FAMILY tree we all decorated". I was proud of it and proud how we all enjoyed and had fun together.
    I enjoy the tradition of family decorating with the kids and doing other holidays together.
    its a memory the grandkids and my children will carry with them , and especially my husband and me to always look back on.

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    It sounds like you have a blast with such a loving family during the holidays.
    A Christmas hug should last a lifetime

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