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Thread: Who Decorates The Tree

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    Who Decorates The Tree

    Here its a family tradition that we all get together and decorate the christmas tree and my oldest always puts the Angel on top...My youngest girls do the baubles so we all take part in decorating...How about you guys...Is there a single person decorates your tree or is it a family tradition to get together as a family...

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    My husband, daughter and I decorate the 3 main trees in our house. Sometimes we put small little trees in the guest bedrooms which I decorate depending on who's visiting.
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    We use a little ceramic tree that already has the lights on it and really no way to put decorations on it. But, the end table we put it on has a lower and upper table. The tree goes on the upper table with a tree skirt around it. The lower table has a miniature village put on it.

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    My wife decorates the real tree and I take care of the other ones

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    My son and i decorate our trees,we have a couple of them.

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    Everyone (my mum, dad, granny, grandpa and me)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazymike1965 View Post
    My wife decorates the real tree and I take care of the other ones
    I honestly didn't even know you had a real tree, Mike! Wonderful!

    I've always decorated the tree myself - but Lydia had her own little tree in her room last year and Decorated it herself.
    She also decorated my bedroom tree with me last year. This year, it'll probably be the same!
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    My wife and I decorate "her" tree in the den, the one most people see when they come to our house. All of us decorate the tree in the bonus room because the has all of the kids' ornaments they made or we bought for them growing up. We set aside a night and decorate it all together, then we watch Elf or Home Alone. I decorate the small tree at the landing area upstairs by myself. I'm hoping to buy a small-ish tree for my grandson that we can decorate together starting this Christmas.
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    I decorate the livingroom tree myself, although my daughters will add some of their own ornaments when I finish. I also decorate the Madame Alexander tree in my bedroom. My youngest has a small tree in her room that she decorates with her boyfriend. While my husband loves all the decorations, he never participates in the process!
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    In my family, my wife, and myself and my two sons (both are young) are together the day after Thanksgiving. I drag the big old tree out of the box, we get it put together, put it up, and let the boys just have at it and decorate it. I decorate the top portion and put the top hat (yes our "star" is a top hat) on, and my wife fills in the areas throughout the tree that the boys overlook. It's a lot of fun.

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