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Thread: Tinsel - Love it or Hate it

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    Tinsel - Love it or Hate it

    I have never put tinsel on my tree as i think it looks too tacky...I do put tinsel around the house for that special effect though...How about you?

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    No tinsel on tree for the last 25 years. Before then, I always used it!
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    nope.. never like it and not safe for our pets
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    We used to put it when I was younger (cca 20 years ago) but two years ago when we had brown themed tree I bought brown tinsel for fuller effect.
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    We never use it - too dangerous for pets, little grandkids, and vacuum cleaners.

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    As i can't because of my furones and it is hard to clean up,i just use garland.

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    I love the look of the old fashioned Christmas trees of the past with tinsel and simple balls. It makes me think how much simpler life must have been. While I love looking at those trees, I don't put it on my tree. I do use the tinsel garland. I don't love it, but all my decorations are European blown glass, and it seems to complement them better than anything else I've found.

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    Tinsel is very VERY old fashioned so, like JollyElfDC I do enjoy the look, but only use Garland on my own tree.
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