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Thread: Upcoming 2017 Christmas movies

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    Upcoming 2017 Christmas movies

    It's never to early to post this kind of news on the ATC site, right?
    "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."

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    Thanks for the info. I love watching movies with my family.

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    I really miss good Christmas movies on big screen
    When it seems the magic slipped away...
    We find it all again on Christmas Day

    *Seeing isn't believing.Believing is seeing.*

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    Here's an update on the 32 movies coming this year on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries!

    "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."

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    Now 33 New Hallmark Movies

    01.Evergreen Inn (Hallmark Channel)
    02.Kiss for the New Year (Hallmark Channel)
    03.Never Too Late for Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    04.Enchanted Christmas (Hallmark Channel)
    05.Snow Globe Wishes (Hallmark Channel)
    06.When Calls the Heart Christmas! (Hallmark Channel)
    07.Secret Santa (Hallmark Channel)
    08.Magical Christmas Ornaments (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    09.A Gift to Remember (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    10.The Christmas Cottage (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    11.The Christmas Train (Hallmark Channel)
    12.Christmas for Keeps (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    13.Engaging Father Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    14.Unbridled Love (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    15.When God Winks at You (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    16.Welcome Home Warrior (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    17.A Song for Christmas (Hallmark Channel)
    18.Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Miracle (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    19.Angel Falls (Hallmark Channel)
    20.Christmas Shuttle (Hallmark Channel)
    21.Good Sam (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    22.A Bramble House Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    23.Christmas for Joy (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    24.The Sweetest Christmas (Hallmark Channel)
    25.Christmas in the Air (Hallmark Channel)
    26.Love Finds A Way (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    27.Christmas Festival of Ice (Hallmark Channel)
    28.Christmas Sister Swap (Hallmark Channel)
    29.Miss Christmas (Hallmark Channel)
    30.Marry Me at Christmas (Hallmark Channel)
    31.Finding Santa (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    32.Father Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
    33.Coming Home for Christmas (Hallmark Channel)
    A Christmas hug should last a lifetime

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