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Thread: a christmas story

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    a christmas story

    this is my favorite Christmas movie I read the book too. very good. it is so cool .what is your opinion about the film I watch it all the time
    I love the battle of the leg lamp so cool. and the bully part what's' your favorite part ?

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    It's a very cute movie. Like the tongue frozen to the pole part!
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    you should read the book by jean shepard

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    I love this movie, and like you have read the book. I've visited the actual Christmas Story house in Cleveland. The house itself was really cool, but even better is across the street they have a huge gift shop that sells all kinds of hard to find Christmas decorations, clothes, toys, and about a billion other things. And they're not just related to A Christmas Story, they also have Christmas Vacation, Christmas Carol, and all kinds of other stuff related too all the Holiday Classics.

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    I love this movie so much. I even have most of the Department 56 Christmas Story Village. I hope one day I could visit The house in Cleveland.
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    A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie and I watch A Christmas Story every Christmas Eve on TBS for 24 hours

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