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Thread: Traditional Mincemeat

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    Traditional Mincemeat

    Hey guys, allow me to pick some of your brains for a moment. I have been playing with the idea to make a traditional Mincemeat Pie this year. I have found a number of recipes that call for a jarred Mince filling but I would actually like to attempt the mince filling myself. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good way to do this? Recipes? Have you made it yourself?

    A few years back I dated a girl who's family was Jamaican and I tried my hand at a Jamaican Christmas Pudding care of her grandma. I suppose its not all that different than Christmas Pudding from other current/former commonwealth nations and the UK. It was mostly just fruit, rum, brandy and wine but THAT I had to make and Jar in July and let it sit until December when I started making it. I remember her grandmother saying that Mincemeat wasn't much different except for the addition of Animal Fats and not as much alcohol.

    I guess what I am really asking is if the 'ship has sailed' so to speak. It's currently November 28th (pretty far from July) so in the mincemeat something I can make and let it set for a week or two? Does it need to set? Beings it deals with actual meat, I am reasonably sure its not supposed to sit for months like the Pudding.

    Basically, just looking for anyone with knowledge on the topic.
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    I was planning to make it from scratch this year also, as I was having trouble finding the jarred version on the store shelves. (It is an ingredient in my fruitcakes which I always make the day after Thanksgiving). I looked up recipes on line and found plenty of them - both meatless and with meat. There didn't seem to be a holding time for them. I did make it once - maybe 20 or so years ago - so don't remember what I did. I know it contains a lot of chopped apple and dark raisins. Anyway, this year I ended up ordering it on-line from Walmart - Nonesuch brand is the best. On excellent price - but it cost more to ship it than to purchase it!
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