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Thread: Have you noticed a decline in Christmas displays in shops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistletoe View Post
    I just wanted to mention also that my neighborhood has significantly less Christmas lights. I don't know what's happening with my neighbors. I thought maybe they were just waiting for the first weekend in December to decorate, but, here we are and there's hardly any. I find this odd since last year it appeared that more people than usual were doing light displays. Even the regulars have none this year.
    Hardly any here as well. Only 2 houses out of 20 are lighted-up on our street! Of course, we are moving - so we have no decorations; two houses have new people just moved in and two houses are empty. Not to mention that the electric rates are astronomical these days!
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    I haven't. Actually town near my place has huge display this year.
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    Yes, I've noticed far fewer Christmas light displays as well.
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    Our street use to have only one or two that decorated for Christmas, but this one retired couple down the street and I go all out for the season. He likes to add something each year and I like to swap mine around for a different look. Anyway, it seems to have affected many of our neighbors and now, not only is the majority of the street lit up, but we seem to have made it on the "Christmas Lights Limo" tour as well.
    I love it!!!
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