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Thread: Christmas Comic Books

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    Christmas Comic Books

    I really didn't know where to post this, and this seemed the closest to the topic. ChantelleJoy feel free to move it to another forum.
    Anyway did any of you ever buy those Christmas comic books growing up? I remember Archie had quite a few, and I was always really excited to see them. Disney also did some, and even the Super Hero comics would occasionally do Christmas stories. I think they still publish a few, but not anywhere near what they had when I was growing up.

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    Never was into comic books - so can't say that I remember this
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    I remember having a Huey, Dewey and Louie Christmas comic book, probably back in the last 60s or early 70s.
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    Looking to buy some basic Marvel comic books for Christmas.? Anyone help..?

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    I use to collect comics and remember many a holiday edition from both the DC and Marvel Universes. In the 90's. Marvel came out with a comic most of those years titled Marvel Holiday Special (I still have a few) and DC would also put out either a special in a series run, their own DC Holiday Special or Christmas with the Super-heroes.
    Of course now you would have to look online or in your favorite comic store to find these past issues. DC did put out a 2017 issue (for about $10) in December, but as far as other publications, I can't say since I have been out of the collecting world since 2002.
    Good luck hunting...

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