I'm curious how everyone sets their Christmas table.

Do you go all out with silver and crystal?
Do you just set the table like any other day?
Do you do an adult table and a kids table?
Do you own Christmas dishes?
Do you switch it up every year?

There is no right or wrong answer. Everybody has their own style and traditions. I'm just curious, and I'm trying to come up with ideas myself.

My table (and my meal for that matter) depend on how many people I am having over. My dining room table only comfortably sits 4. If it's only 4 I do a simple setting with a centerpiece of floating candles. I have some Christmas napkins that are white with silver and gold running through them.

If I have more than 4 people, I borrow a long folding table from the condo party room. I cover the table with a red tablecloth and use green cloth napkins with long taper candles.

I bought quite a few clearance items after Christmas this year (napkin rings, charger plates, Christmas crackers) so it will probably look different from what my guests are used to.