saving nature I feel it very important and actually in last december I found this project that "protects ancient and semi-natural woodlands and open-ground habitats, to upgrade non-native conifer plantations to new native broadleaf plantings and to protect these conserved lands from ever being developed. So I bought 4 sqft land from Scotlands highlands. 1 sqft for my self and 3 for my 3 friends….now when I own land from scotland the law says that I can have name title Lord….So now me and my 3 friends, we are Lords Of Glencoe. In future the idea is go to visit the place same place where hagrid from harry potter lives and where parts of james bond sky fall was filmed
I have the coordinates for my plant and when we go to visit they pick us up with jeeps and show us the place
the price was about 30e for 1 sqft and I found sale coupon also…I never buy anything like that for my friends so I thought it would be nice chritmas present