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It goes without saying that we give special thanks at Christmas for Jesus. However, I can sum up my answer in one word: Nostalgia. Christmas is the time of year when I so fondly recall years gone by and all the people who shared them with me.

My wife and I share a love of the Christmas season, and all it brings. We've created and carried on SO many traditions for our boys. While I can't "make" them grow up to be Christmas fanatics, I can certainly provide them with a host of wonderful, warm family memories to carry with them through their lives. One thing is certain: Every year at Christmas time, after I'm gone, my boys will always remember how much the holidays meant to their old man, and hopefully they will feel love in their heart, and know that I am still with them as they spend that time with all of our shared loved ones.
Memories have a lot to do with the enjoyment of Christmas. My one brother who isn't especially fond of Christmas (never had any children) went to live with our father when he was thirteen. He missed all the great Christmases we had after that --- they only began when I was seventeen and there were no more stepfathers. I take that back; 1962 was between stepfathers and it was good. You can tell I have some good memories (had to buy vintage Shiny Brites, etc.).