I only decorate a 2ft bare white tree for Easter (with small wooden crosses and Easter ornaments-great minds think alike lizziesnow!) not a Christmas-type tree for any of the other holidays.

Red lights for Valentine's day sounds nice. I don't put up any outdoor decorations for it, but I decorate a bit around the house (mainly with red candles, random ruby glass objects that I have and some red foil hearts). We mainly decorate the kitchen the night before, so we can wake up to it. Red heart mylar balloons, red roses, white roses, cards/poems, toothpicks with shiny red hearts on the top and sweets for those who want them (heart candy with sayings on them, red velvet cake shaped like a giant heart). I have the roses sitting on red foil doilies. I also put more red foil hearts up in the kitchen- I like the immersion feeling.

I am not a football fan, so I only watch the Super Bowl if my father's favorite team (NY Giants) are in it, and then we'll usually all join him in watching it, making a party of it. Do you have/go to parties for it Bishop?

I'm pretty sure I'd prefer a snow blower, but don't have one. Is there anyone who actually prefers shoveling?