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Thread: Favourite gift?

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    my favorite gift has been an aquarium which I have wanted for a long time.

    But in reply to your post, I also take gift giving very serious. I try to listen to people for a couple of months prior to christmas and whenever they mention something random they have wanted I tend to get them that. That way it's a surprise and it shows you listen to them and remembered something that they mentioned briefly a few months ago.

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    I'm a huge fan of giving the perfect gift to someone, so tend to spend hours searching for inspiration...doesn't always work, I admit! However, on your post, I have a friend who I wander around the shops with - A LOT - and who, I think, walks around with a notebook in her hand, and listens to whatever I gush over, with the result that I get a box at Christmas with a whole bunch of random goodies that I've been eyeing...I'd do the same, but I have a memory like a sieve, so don't really remember what she gets excited about! Alternatively, you could ask for Christmas Wish lists, with someone coordinating them, and get the person something off the list. I also resort to asking members of the person's family what they might like...mind you, that backfires, as two of my friends are brothers and can barely figure out what they would like, never mind what the other might want!!!

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    I totally agree with you about clutter gifts.

    I like to give gift certificates for a manicure and pedicure (who doesn't like that..including men once you get them in the door), along with lotion and slippers. This year we are sending relatives a restaurant gift certificate, since times are hard and a night out can really be a treat these days. My son likes getting assorted gift cards for his favorite eateries, too.

    The best gift I got was a coupon book from my daughter, with coupons she made up for her to make dinner one night, to bake our favorite cookies, babysitting coupons, and a movie night out. I thought it was very sweet.

    I love to get homemade anything, that to me is always from the heart.

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    One of my favorite gifts was a camera when I was about ten. And on our first Christmas together, my husband gave me a beautiful-beyond-words winter coat. I also got a marvelous glass cake plate one year that converts to a punch bowl. Our children have given me lots of wonderful gifts that they knew I wanted or would love.

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    I don't know which one was my favorite... Probably don't have one I love all the gifts I got

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    My favorite gifts? Well, that I can think of are my electric blanket, and my mug warmer. I use both of them often!

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    I was planning to gift my mother in law earrings this Christmas. Is gifting gemstone earring fine or should i go with traditional stud earrings? Any site suggestion is welcomed.

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    The favourite gift I gave to someone was I think a couple of lightsabers to a friend for his 21st
    Best one I've received... would probably be the juicer my wife gave me last Christmas

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    mine would be my Ipod touch.. weeeee
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    I really don't like receiving Christmas presents... I'm a bit of a socialist at heart and not the biggest fan of materialist posessions that I didn't really want. Therefore I really like it when people have bought me presents that are personal to me, and have demonstrated a lot of thought.

    Or days out. I like going out with someone for the day, to a show followed by dinner. That's what I like

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