Alright i need your help u no how bad us guys can be wen it comes to gifts, Well thats my problem. So ill fill you in on details my girlfriend (of 7 months but real serious) is 23 her bday is on January 3d and christmas is obv. the 25th. So i only have a limited amount of money basically nothing lol but she has a Michael Kors watch she got last yr and has Michael Kors bag to so i guess she is a fan of that Kors character so from your perspective wat our my options for gifts? or wats the trends this year for girls? I was thinking a Marc Jacobs watch or Mike Kors watch or bag lol idk so as u can tell i clearly need ur help and wat do i do ,do i get one gift for her bday as well as christmas or get one for each i was thinking for example like a necklece one gift then matching earings for the other one idk if u can help that would be great. She is a really pretty girl and into fashion and flashy things thank u.