There is a vague recollection in my mind of reading a story to my younger siblings about a polar bear cub, a rainbow that got broken, and Christmas lights. I wonder if this is the one.

This is the story of the lights on the Christmas tree. One day an Angel was decorating a Christmas tree and after adding bows,
berries and icicles she stood back to survey the tree. The Angel spoke her thoughts out loud, “Something is missing.” “More color,”
shouted a small polar bear nearby. The Angel agreed. “We shall add a rainbow, for lots of color. I shall send someone to bring one
back for me.” “Please send me, please may I go get it for you?” asked the little polar bear. She thought he was too little for such a
mission but after much discussion she told the little bear he could get the rainbow, “But be very careful with the rainbow, it is very
fragile.” With those words the little polar bear went on his way. He soon found a beautiful rainbow, tied it on his back and headed
back to the Angel. She was very surprised to see the little bear return with the full rainbow in tact. The Angel praised the bear for a
wonderful job. Just as the little polar bear started up the walk to the tree he slipped and fell. The rainbow was broken into a million
tiny pieces. The little polar bear started to cry. “Please don’t cry little bear you have done a wonderful job,” proclaimed the Angel.
“We will hang each piece of the rainbow on the tree just the same, and the tree will be more beautiful than ever.” And so goes the
story of putting many colored lights on our Christmas tree.