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    :gingerbread: Candy Train

    Candy Train- A Candy Craft

    1 roll of Lifesavers Candy
    1 small package of gum
    1 Chocolate Rollo Candy
    1 Hershey's Kiss
    1 mini Hershey's chocolate bar
    1 Starburst candy
    4 Round Peppermint candies
    Fancy string or Ribbon for the ornament hanger
    Low temp. Hot glue gun

    If you want to use your train as an ornament - take your ribbon and tie into
    a loop around the Lifesavers.
    Glue the roll of Lifesavers candy to the package of gum with the ribbon loop
    Glue the peppermint candies on each side to make the wheels of the Candy
    Glue the Hershey's Kiss on the end of the Lifesavers to make the train
    smokestack. (I do mine with the flat side up but I have seen them the other
    On the other end of the train glue a Rollo candy to make the engineer's room
    - glue a small candy on top for the roof (use a Starburst candy or mini
    chocolate bar)
    Take your mini Hershey's bar and run a bead of glue the entire length and
    place on back end of the Candy Train.
    *These are adorable additions to holiday gift baskets or part of your ribbon and bow decorations on gift boxes or gift bags. They are also good stocking stuffers.

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