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Thread: It's the thought that counts...

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    My gift ideas:

    1 - 1-piece miniature toy like Lego.
    2 - A small item that represents their interests
    3 - Photo printed portrait of themselves
    4 - An angel figurine
    5 - A miniature copy of themselves

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    There is a similar agreement among my family as there are so many of us. The general agreement is no more than 10 per person, because my immediate family alone there is:

    My mum and her partner
    My 6 year old brother
    My 4 year old sister
    My 25 year old sister and her partner
    My 6 year old nephew
    My 3 year old nephew
    My 6 month old nephew
    My 28 year old brother and his partner

    Then on my husband (DH)'s side there is:

    DH's Mum and her partner
    DH's Dad and his partner
    DH's SIX siblings
    DH's sister's 3 children

    (ETA: 23 of them! Never added it up before, so spending 10 each I'm already spending 230!)

    Then of course I still have my husband to buy for, and him me. And our 3 children - not to mention my twins have their birthday on Christmas Eve eve! Christmas is an expensive time so if we didn't limit it, it would just be too expensive. But you're right it IS the thought that counts I always try to get something really thoughtful and that I think they'll really love.

    I admit, I do usually spend a bit more on my mum, just because she's my mummy I used to spend out a little on DH's mum, too but not planning to this year. I obviously spend more on hubby and my own children, and admit I've spent closer to 15 per child on my nephews, niece and the younger siblings too. But I will try to stick to the 10 for adult siblings and partners.

    I don't buy presents for all of my friends as it's just not feasible. I do however buy gifts for my very close friends (2 of them). One of whom will be in Afghanistan this year, serving in the RAF. I still intend to send him a gift package to let him know we are thinking of him this Christmas time If anybody would like to contribute some ideas of small gifts I could put into his Christmas package, please?

    I don't think it matters how much we spend on each other. I would never receive a gift and think, "Uegh, they didn't spend much!". Who would think that? I'm just happy with something to unwrap, and that somebody thought of me
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    I really think that is awesome because Christmas shouldn't really be about spending. I would get him a good book!

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    As you have decided that you will gift some inexpensive items to each other. Then rather than purchasing any gift why not gift something designed by you that will be less expensive and also will become more special also.

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