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Thread: The practical Present dialema...

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    The practical Present dialema...

    Being a practical sort of person I love being given useful presents. You can never have enough socks or torches! But I do wonder about giving similar useful presents to others. For example, a couple of years ago I gave a friend who drives long distances a small car emergency kit. Shortly afterwards he was stranded in one of our feeble UK snowstorms and really appreciated the foil blanket that was contained within the kit.

    Was it me being thoughtful or just boringly practical? How do you feel about being given, and giving practical presents?
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    I don't see nothing wrong in it,sometimes if presents are practical or useful, people appreciate it even moreWhen I'm buying presents I always watch that has some meaning and purpouse
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    I am a practical person in every area of my life and am the woman who appreciates a good vacuum for a gift. I like to receive and give practical gifts. I once gave my mother-in-law a really nice flashlight that she pooh-poohed and sat aside until she needed it in a power outage.

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    I like to receive practical gifts, but I never feel comfortable giving them.
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    I also love to receive practical gifts - it's much better than a gift that sits around - barely used- for years. I alway by my husband practical gifts as well.
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    I'm fine with them, hubby always appreciates new motorcycle apparel, that's very practical to him. But I like to keep it personal

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    I love practical presents. The idea is already there. You will never know when you will use it. And for sure you will say thank you to the person who have given you that present.

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    I tend more toward luxury items (meaning things you can't justify buying yourself, not necessarily expensive). It seems to me to go with the season- standing outside normal time. I have given and gotten some cool practical gifts, but they're the minority.
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