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Thread: Christmas Drinks in Stores

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    :snow: Christmas Drinks in Stores

    I've been keeping my eyes open for a long time to find drinks sold in stores that are specifically for Christmas. Egg nog of course is a popular Christmas drink, but it isn't only for Christmas. Through the year, only two have surfaced. From the Lurgashall Winery, "Christmas Mead", and from Belgium, " Fant˘me Noel"(ale). Are there any others out there?Sorry to put this under recipes, but it's the only category that comes close.
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    I'm not familliar with any of this here,or I didn't saw them

    EDIT: I found a recipe for eggnog
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    I was hoping someone might know offhand and save me a lot of research, but as it happened I came across the answes by accident. 2 other Christmas drinks at stores are: Abby Affligem "NoŰl" Christmas Ale (&) St. Bernardus Christmas Ale.

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    Jingle where are you from? Here in the US it is VERY difficult to find eggnog at any time other than Christmas. There are also some flavored hot teas. I have an eggnog tea, and a gingerbread & spice tea - both sold as Christmas teas!
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