Hello all!

New here, I hope I can apply the link to my photobucket... haha.

Anyways... My name is Edwin and I am brand new here. I manage a movie theatre and I love it. Each year I come up with some new Christmas display for our lobby, and this year the theme is Penguins. I try to keep it "non denominational" (sp) so I lean toward the secular rather than the religious.

As a kid I was always mesmerized by the display that the local mall put on. It was pretty pathetic, but I was a kid after all. There would be the elves sawing the same piece of wood year after year and getting nowhere, the same carolers singing the same song holding the same light bulb candle year after year, but I was always intrigued on how they got the carolers and elves to move without me seeing how they moved.....

I have done things such as string several sets of lights from the ceiling in the lobby from a hula-hoop down to the floor. Makes for a nice tree, but I am sure that the Fire Marshall would have had a FIT!!! HA HA

This year is Penguins. Animated Penguins - like the elves and carolers that I grew up with. Pretty simple really but I hope that the kids that come and watch the movies appreciate it.

I had this idea in my head since March and I shop thrift stores on an almost daily basis. I have been purchasing penguins and old Christmas trees since then. I don't spend alot of money, mostly 50 cents on stuffed penguins or up to $5 on old Christmas trees.

OK, without further BLAH BLAH BLAH from me.... here are a few pics of the preliminaries of my display!

DARN! Have to wait for 6 posts. Maybe by then I will have some more to add! :D

The pix are taken in the office since it is too early for a "public" display of Christmas unless you are a department store!