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Thread: Roast parsnips!

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    Roast parsnips!

    They'll be part of my christmas dinner. Delicious!
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    Yes Yes Yes! I only tried parsnips for the first time a couple years ago and I can't believe I've missed out for SO LONG. SO Tasty - way better than Carrots!
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    Parsnips are a 'must have' with a turkey Christmas dinner ...

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    Love them, roasted with honey along with roasted brussel sprouts too.
    Merry Christmas to all...

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    I've never had parsnips. I'll have to try some.

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    never had Parsnips either
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    I love them!

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    I hope I remember to try this recipe this coming year.

    Roast Parsnips

    Serves 8

    3 tablespoons goose fat or sunflower oil
    2lb/1kg parsnips
    salt & freshly milled black pepper


    •Preheat the oven to 390F/200C/gas mark 6.

    •Place the oil or goose fat in a roasting tin and place in the oven to get hot.

    •Peel the parsnips and cut - depending on their size - lengthways in half or quarters to form even-sized pieces.

    •Remove the roasting tin from the oven and place it directly over a low heat. Carefully add the sliced parsnips to the fat being taking care not to splash. Season with salt and freshly milled black pepper and then turn the parsnips in the oil so that they are completely coated. Return the roasting tin to the oven.

    •Roast the vegetables for about 40 to 45 minutes until golden brown, turning occasionally.

    •Once cooked, remove the parsnips from the oven and place onto absorbent kitchen paper to remove any excess fat. Serve immediately.

    Roast parsnips makes a perfect vegetable side dish to almost any meat or poultry main course. It is especially good with:

    Roast Beef

    Roast Chicken

    Roast Pork

    Roast Turkey


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    Lovely done with wholegrain mustard and honey/or brown sugar .... great caramelization and yummy!!

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    I have never tried them. I know virtually nothing about them. So, they compare to carrots then? I just don't think they are very common in the least not in my neck of the woods.
    I love Outdoor Christmas Lights!!

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