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Thread: Explain your name

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    ,Well several years ago I there were severl different Karans on HGTV craft forums but each o0f us was from a different state. I am from Michigan so I became KaranMi:

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    Mine is off of my blog which I created earlier this year to celebrate Christmas as a single gal.

    My Christmas Blogs:
    - My most popular Christmas blog: KrisKringleForSingles dot blogspot dot com
    HolidaySingleGirldot blogspot dot com
    SilverandGoldChristmas dot blogspot dot com

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    Milano = my natal city
    oki = part of my real name
    feel love for Christmas

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    My name is Jolie... and Jolie means pretty in french and that what I am lolzzz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolie View Post
    My name is Jolie... and Jolie means pretty in french and that what I am lolzzz
    I thought it was from Angelina Jolie... (just kidding..)

    And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless us!! Everyone!!''
    A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens (1843)

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    Quote Originally Posted by olga View Post
    I thought it was from Angelina Jolie... (just kidding..)

    lolzzz Ya I look like her you know hence proved I am pretty lolzzz....

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    Mine angelpugs is because i love and rescue pugs and their my angels so my rescue is angelpugs.
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    My name, Caninemom3, is because I have 3 canines. At times it has been Caninemom5 or etc, whatever the number of canines I had at the time. I LOVE dogs and cats and really all animals so it just fits. I also have felines that I love just as much as the canines !!

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    Ornament= because i have always had an urge to make my own custom-made ornament, and am a fan of christmas.

    64= I don't know. Just sounds catchy :P
    I sometimes ask myself, "does my cat like christmas?" But i just awnser, "yes, because she gets cat nip, and the christmas tree is ripe for climbing".

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    Massachusetts, USA
    kam= my initials
    11= November-my birth month
    87= I was born in 1987
    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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