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Thread: Would my wife be mad?

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    It's the thought that counts (I so know the people reading this are saying "yeah write"). But it's true. try and read her a poem about appreciation, never know she might just give you a hug and give a nice kiss on the lips

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    Thanks for all of your input! I have made my final decision and I feel alot better about my gift. I bought a really nice case/protector for it and slid a $50 B&N gift card in the jacket. Then I took some really nice ribbon and tied it shut knotting an elaborate bow over the top. Not boxed, not gift wrapped, but very beautiful and festive. I think she will ove it!

    Thanks! Merry Christmas! Namaste!

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    Sounds like you made a good choice! A mix of something old and new. I regifted my mother a GPS that she actually bought me the previous year for Christmas. She does more traveling now and I got a smartphone so it made sense and she loves it!

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    Since you added in the extra stuff along with the Nook, I think she will like it considering that is what she wanted.

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