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Thread: When to start shopping

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    I am mostly a flyer shopper. So weekly I am looking for deals. I started my shopping around the end of November and I am almost done now. I found good deals too which was nice. I find the longer you wait the more stressful it gets, the malls being more busy. I did all my shopping 2 hours before the stores closed so it seemed much better for me, less people and I got a chance to browse more.
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    Thumbs up when you find a bargain

    I think it's always good to start Christmas shopping when you find a nice bargain. No hassle. and make sure the person does not see the presents loool

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    Itís the season which makes us to busy and also we have our work to do as well.But there are many sites by using them you can order your gift and gift for your family as well.You can even do some shopping on the Christmas day by taking your family to a picnic as well.

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    I'll probably start the process again somewhere around mid-summer as I start to get ideas from my wife and the boys.
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    I am currently working on a needlepoint project for my mother-in-law for Christmas 2012. It's a rather large project so it will take a while. Will do one for my Mom too - probably in the late summer/autumn
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    This year, if I keep my job with all that crisis, I intend to be more organised with my gifts and that means that I will do a lot of my shopping from Internet, as, some things I want, I can not find them in my country...
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    We start before two months!

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    The best time to start saving would be the beginning of the new year. The best time to shop for christmas would be on black friday, day after thanksgiving when a lot of products are sold at half price!
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    i will start after the wedding i have in august!! its a 3 day wedding so were saving all we can!! but after that its full blown planning for Christmas!!
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