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Thread: Making Gifts

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    How about a cookie mix jar? Super fun and really personal:

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedVelvetCake View Post
    I want to make a Christmas gift for my coworker, but I don't want her to think I'm lame for not buying something from the store. I like beading, knitting, and working with polymer clay.

    My coworker is into dogs, chocolate, and the TV show: House. Any ideas on what I can make her? I love experimenting with other arts and crafts ideas, so anything goes.
    What about making chocolate dogs. Not sure on the best thing to make the chocolate shape out of though.

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    I'll tell you this, from all the expensive and cheap gifts I received from loved ones, I'll say the most meaningful was by my fiancée who knitted a scarf for me. another very meaningful present i received was again from her where she printed our most meaningful photos and mounted it on a cardboard pin up. It was great.

    buying a present is not a huge issue but actually putting effort into something shows that you care about him or her more. Not always off course. but it's sweet.

    Well good luck and hope she likes it.

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    Present her a T shirt with handmade embroidery work on it by yourself. It is best present for her and memorable too.

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    Best Christmas Gift will be something, which shows your love and concern toward your loved one. This gift cans a hand made gift. The effort of making this gift makes it special for your loved ones.

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